Agritouristic Hotel Made Of Recycled Containers

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 07.01.2013   |   

When you’re making organic food and you highlight a healthy lifestyle in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, is mandatory for you to have an environmentally friendly office. It is the case of the Tony’s Farm, one of the largest organic food producers in China, that work in an office made of recycled shipping containers.


In order for this building complex to be done, the Tony’s Farm managers called the Swiss designers from the Playz Architects who also built a farm hotel nearby their office in Shanghai so that the clients can come to Tony’s Farm and see how the organic food they buy from the supermarket is made.


The cold metallic walls of the containers have been decorated inside with wood elements so that they project a warm and welcoming atmosphere, just as a country ranch. Also, the architects cut the containers in order to make space for the big window frames that allow inside as much natural light as possible.








vladu ilie

ma intereseaza sa construiesc un mini hotel din containere maritime S.H si nu gasesc un arhitect sau o firma care a mai construit case, cladiri di containere cu design dragut…?


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