Casa eco din Banat

Banat House Included In The TOP 10 World Best Cobs

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 27.11.2012   |   

Clay, sand, water and straw. These are the materials that have been used by the Romanian architect Ileana Mavrodin in order to build this house as part of the ‘Green House’ project, located in the western part of Romania, nearby the Sasca Romana village (Caras-Severin county).


According to, the website that mention the cob in Banat as one of the most eco-friendly projects of this kind in the world, the Romanian architect used materials and traditional building technologies in order to highlight the ingenuity of the local craftsmanship and also the strong bonds between the old Romanian builders and the environment.


Ileana Mavrodin built the house without making any use of formworks, counting on organic shapes that offer this house a high resistance to earthquakes and other natural calamities.


Also in the world’s best cobs ranking performed by are traditional cobs from other countries such as UK, Canada, USA, South Africa and Ukraine.


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