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Remotely Monitored Patients With The Soarian Clinicals

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Date: 04.09.2013

If you are suffering of heart diseases you can be permanently under medical surveillance without having to go to the hospital. For example, the doctors in the northern Sweden’s Gavleborg region are monitoring their patients fitted with pacemakers, online.   Whether the patient doesn’t feel any symptoms, they are immediately contacted by this doctor each [...]

Acuson Freestyle

Wireless Investigations with the Acuson Freestyle

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Date: 03.06.2013

From now on, all the physicians can perform mammograms with maximum precision, without the risk of being distracted by the wires. Siemens has recently launched the Acuson Freestyle, the world’s first ultrasound mammography. Now the medical personnel can accomplish imaging procedures in the surgery rooms, without any limitations.   Launched in Chicago, the wireless solution [...]


HOP-X. Low-cost Organic Detectors For The X-Rays

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Date: 20.02.2013

Currently, the X-rays detectors consist of a scintillator coating that converts the X-rays into visible light and a photodiode that ‘translates’ the light into pixels. The medical imaging units using X-rays have a dose-measurement chamber that must not be allowed to affect the X-ray image product. Still, such cameras are not sensitive enough or shadow-free [...]


Digital Detectors For Hi-Res CT Scans

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Date: 05.02.2013

It works like this: The CT scanners are equipped with one or two X-ray tubes that rotate around the patient. A high performance Stellar detector is positioned opposite each tube. The bones and other body tissues attenuate the X-rays to different degrees. Then the detectors register the X-rays and transform them into digital signals. And [...]

SOMATOM Perspective

The First Business Class CT

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Date: 30.01.2013

Visible financial performances, a wider clinical portfolio and a substantial economy on the resources without compromising the clinical results of your patents. These are some of the advantages highlighted by the new Somatom Perspective CT, the first business class scanner specially built for the CT business.   Along with the high quality images and the [...]

Anechoic Egg

The Anechoic Egg – Eliminatory Test For The Hearing Aids...

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Date: 15.01.2013

Hearing devices specially designed for children, discrete hearing aid able to deliver high-performance sound quality or the first binaural hearing system that enables hearing aids in both ears, in order to communicate. All these discoveries further developed by the Siemens specialist were tested intensively in a specially designed environments so that when they are used, [...]


Breath Samples For Diagnosis Of Lung Diseases

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Date: 30.11.2012

According to the World Health Organization 8,7 million people contracted tuberculosis worldwide last year. In the same year no less than 1,4 million patients died because of this disease. On the other hand, the average life expectancy for a patient diagnosed with lung cancer is currently of around two years. If the tuberculosis and the [...]

Artis Zee

Artis Zee, A Necessity in Cardiovascular Surgery

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Date: 15.11.2012

They say that the cardiovascular surgery is the queen of all the surgery procedures. In order to perform in this highly exclusive medical field you need a a lot of experience in the operating room. You need a lot of knowledge, clear mind, a good temper and firm hands. At the same time, you need [...]

Acuson P300

Advanced ER Imaging With The Acuson P300

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Date: 08.11.2012

As an emergency physician you need the best devices in order to provide fast diagnosis under difficult conditions. Just imagine that you have to save the victim in a car crash, that, without your help, would have only few more minutes to live. What would you do? The Siemens technicians developed a portable ultrasound device [...]


Tina Kirner, The Pink Ambassador in 10 Coutries Regarding Th...

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Date: 22.10.2012

How can you attract the women’s attention regarding the necessity to perform their analyses in order to detect the breast cancer in early stages? Here is an efficient solution: you color the streets in pink. The leading rol in the ‘Turn your city pink!’ campaign promoted by Siemens has been offered to the Pink Ambassador, [...]


Precise Diagnostics and Saved Lives In The Heart Of The Amaz...

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Date: 17.10.2012

When you have a disease or you just want to do your medical analyses, you can easily find a nearby clinic in order to schedule your appointment with a physician. Yet for the people that live far away from the cities, the same situation proves to be particularly difficult to be solved. This is why [...]


TOP 10 Fruits and Vegetables MRI Stills

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Date: 08.10.2012

Have you ever though how the fruits and veggies we eat on daily basis look like while being scanned with an MRI device? Andy Ellison, a technician at the Boston University Medicine School turned this idea to reality, by using a 3 Tesla MRI unit. Whether it’s about cactuses, corn, cucumbers, pomegranates, onion, pineapples, bananas [...]


SOMATOM Perspective: A single scanner for all the imaging ne...

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Date: 28.09.2012

Reduced waiting times for appointments, limited scan times, the comfort and health of the patients, along with the highest quality diagnostic and reduced costs of buying, installing and operating the equipment are only a few of the reasons why an up to date medical imaging device that can perform all types of analyses is an [...]


Why Perform Your Blood Analysis Using Nanomagnets

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Date: 04.09.2012

Soon we will all be able to perform our blood analysis by using nanomagnets by employing the same magnetic reading procedures used by IT specialists for computer hard drives. The medical technology involves a prototype for the magnetic flow cytometry of blood. It helps mainy to track the success of therapy for tumors or HIV, [...]


(Română) 10 lucruri pe care nu le stiai despre tomografiil...

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Date: 05.07.2012