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Centipede Cinema In The North Of Portugal

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 23.11.2012   |   

As you know, Guimaraes is the 2012 European Capital of Culture. A privileged status that gave the local authorities in this small city located in the North of Portugal all the freedom to redefine the local attractions, according to their will and environmental interests.

One of their novel ideas that attracted hundreds of tourists so far is the ‘Centipede Cinema’: a small cinema where the spectators are standing up, with their heads in the theatre and the rest of their body outside, in open sight.


With a minimal structure created by Prof. Colin Fournier, an artist called Marysia Lewandowska and a team of local designers, the ‘Centipede Cinema’ was made of steel and two different types of cork, provided by the Portuguese Cork Association, which has been pushing this sustainable and eco-friendly material instead of oak, a wood for which tens of forests are cut down every year.


You can enter the cinema through one of the 16 vertical cylinders located on the lower side of this edifice. If you manage to fit in, you can enjoy 3-minute movie trailer projections for up to an hour.


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