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Electric Buses Down The Streets Of Vienna

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 23.04.2013   |   

The Vienna Municipality checked another goal for its eco-friendly public transport system. The local public transport local authorities are planning to operate two lines exclusively with eBuses by the middle of 2013.


The eBuses have driving and charging technologies supplied by Siemens, are extremely quiet and, be comparison to conventional diesel buses, they use significantly less energy.


Another big plus is that the new batteries can be charged in less than 15 minutes. At the end stations, the buses use an extendable pantograph in order to coonect to the electrical supply for the Viennese tram system. Moreover, the buses have regenerative braking system in order to recover the energy.


Each eBus has nine litium iron phosphate batteries with a total capacity of 96 kWh. The batteries supply not only the drive system, yet also all of the onboard electronics, the heating and the air conditioning system. The autonomy of the new eBus is up to 150 kilometers.


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