Fast Delivery Clean Energy In California

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 21.02.2013   |   

Can you imagine a large power plant facility that can feed up to 200 megawatts of electric power to the national grid, after just 30 minutes since it has been put into function? It happens in Lodi, California and it is actually one of the cleanest fossil fuel power plants in the US.


The Siemens SCC6-5000F 1×1 Flex-Plant is a state-of-the-art combined cycle power plant that makes electricity out of natural gases and from the recycled heat wastes from the whole energy process. The result consists of a maximum output of 300 megawatts at a high efficiency level of 57%, which makes this specific power plant an excellent choice in order to balance the energy fluctuations in the grid resulted from the wind farms and the solar panels in the region.


The combined cycle power plants use the hot exhaust gas from pa gas turbine in order to generate steam in a waste heat recovery boiler, which in turn drives a steam turbine. Both turbines transfer their kinetic energy to a generator that produces electricity. This energy principle is good for the environment and also reduces the fuel costs.


By using this industrial solution provided by Siemens, the US will accomplish up to a quarter of the annual country’s electricity requirements with energy from renewable sources by 2025, avoiding the energy fluctuations in the grid.


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