Power Matrix

Power Matrix – The Energy Strategy Game

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 14.06.2013   |   

Have you ever thought where your home electricity comes from? Or the gas you use to cook with? Instead of scholar explanations, the Siemens experts offer you the chance to find on your own what’s happening with the power you use, way before you switch it on.


Your new adventure is called the Power Matrix and it’s a free online game that puts you in the role of a manager who’s main task is to power a little town. Actually, you’ll register to powermatrixgame.com and then you’ll start with a small village. The main goal of this strategy game is to transform this small village in a modern urban center. You win only if you manage to generate the greatest amount of energy at the lowest level of resources utilization.


It looks a bit difficult, yet bear in mind that the key of success in your Power Matrix village is to simultaneously use many electricity generation technologies. This way, the degree of urbanization of your city increases proportionally with the quality of the energy system.


Whether you’re an energy industry expert or a beginner, you can easily find both traditional and renewable energy sources. If you wish to build a coal powered plant, you have to think at the environmental negative effects you’ll have to cover. Also, if you’re planning to build a wind farm, you’ll take into account a rather substantial budget and the fees your end consumers will pay in order for you to return your investment. Everything is in your hands!


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