Remotely Monitored Patients With The Soarian Clinicals

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 04.09.2013   |   

If you are suffering of heart diseases you can be permanently under medical surveillance without having to go to the hospital. For example, the doctors in the northern Sweden’s Gavleborg region are monitoring their patients fitted with pacemakers, online.


Whether the patient doesn’t feel any symptoms, they are immediately contacted by this doctor each time the pacemaker records pulse irregularities. The clinical data are transferred via the Soarian Clinicals, a software developed by Siemens which allows remotely monitoring of the patients and manages a large array of clinical processes without keeping the patients waiting on the hospital’s halls.


The data transfer between the pacemaker and the hospital is done online via Soarian Clinicals. The doctor navigates through the the multifunctional interface and, after few clicks, checks all the health parameters of each patient, in real time.


In order to be even more accessible, the Soarian Clinicals software can be very well integrated in any hospital’s IT system and it supports a wide variety of applications, including mobile devices.


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