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Soon – Low Cost Battery Factories

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 22.01.2013   |   

Since the early beginnings of we talk about innovation. We talk about renewable energy, wind farms and photovoltaic panels. We talk about electric cars. About buses and trams upgraded with top technologies that transform the braking energy into electricity. Yet, all this renewable energy needs to be stored in suitable batteries. Larger batteries, with a higher storage capacity, yet with huge production costs.


Since we already talked and we’ll keep on talking primarily about innovation, Siemens and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are working on an automation and control solution that allow the battery makers a larger production capacity with lower costs.


Don’t think it’s easy! For example, the foil coating of the electrodes must not deviate from the regulation thickness by more than one micrometer across the entire coated surface. Moreover, this condition must be fulfilled even though the manufacturing process for this battery, which can be as large as a shipping container, is carried out at a speed of several tens of meters per minute.


In this cooperation agreement between KIT and Siemens, the new automation solution necessary for the production-control and monitoring system will allow the specialists in these plants to manage the whole process, starting with the design of the product and ending with the testing sessions via a central computer and with really low production costs.


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