Sky Greens

Sustainable Business Involving Vertical Farming, In Singapore

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 09.11.2012   |   

The agriculture in the crowded cities means a business that involves many compromises. Generally speaking, the lack of space for vegetable crops radically limits your production capacity, as well as the incomes. For a businessman in Singapore, the lack of fresh vegetables in the supermarkets proved to be a great opportunity to develop a sustainable business.

This is where Sky Greens fits in the local supermarkets: it consists of several eco-friendly vertical greenhouses in Singapore that ensures up to ten times as much production as they would in traditional greenhouses using traditional methods.

The secret of the Sky Greens consists of planting the seeds on shelves that are installed on a vertical conveyor as high as the 9 meter towers that support them. This makes the crops grow way faster than those in conventional crops.

Currently the Sky Greens vertical farm produces half a ton of vegetables every day, in all the 120 towers in their greenhouses. For the next year, the high-tech farmers in Singapore are willing to raise the numbers of these towers to 300 and to raise the production capacity up to two tons a day.

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