Green Lights

How To Drive On The Green Lights Only

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Date: 15.04.2013

Heavy traffic. Many times this is the first thought that comes to mind whenever you get behind the wheel in your way to the office. In the Berceni area, the auto traffic is often paralyzed. In Unirii Square the situation is pretty much similar. In Drumul Taberei you can squeeze between the other drivers. And [...]

10 lucruri_tramvaie

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Trams

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Date: 29.01.2013

1. The world’s first regular electric tram service using trolley poles has been developed by Siemens & Halske AG in May 1881. It went into service in Lichterfelde, a suburb of Berlin.   2. The trams can travel easier through heavy traffic than any other public transport vehicles.   3. The world’s first low floor [...]

Paper Bricks

Spanish Invention: The Bricks Made Out Of Recycled Paper

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Date: 21.12.2012

If you’re thinking of how much paper is used for printing inside the largest office buildings in Bucharest, that ultimately goes to the garbage bins, and then the paper packages that we throw away on a daily basis, you’ll get a clear picture of the dangerous potential that the paper wastes pose to our health. [...]

intelligent highways

How Does The First Interactive Highway Look Like

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Date: 02.11.2012

When you drive for a long time, it is important for you to know everything on the weather conditions in front of you, whether you have a good time at the arrival, how busy is the road and what are your options in the case you want to avoid any traffic jams. Whether a GPS [...]


Smart eTicketing System For Your Daily Travels

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Date: 24.10.2012

From Drumul Taberei to Rosetti Square in Bucharest you change a tram and two subway routes. From Titan to Victoriei Square, you chance a bus, a tram and a subway route. And that’s a best case scenario. If you come from another city, automatically you add a train ticket to your journey. In order for [...]


12 Student Houses From Regie Will Have Green Roofs

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Date: 31.10.2011

The grey notes of Bucharest are about to transform to urban green. An Austrian company is preparing the first 500 square meters of grass for the roof of one of the ‘U’ student houses in Regie, which belong to the ‘Carol Davila’ Medicine and Pharmacy University. In this pilot project are included no less than [...]


Why Portugal Has The Smallest CO2 Emissions From The Car Tra...

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Date: 30.03.2011

While surfing the web I found that Portugal is the country with the smallest CO2 emissions in Europe, from the new cars imported in 2010. This information was published by automarket.ro in a study made by JATO Dynamics and has a solid back-up of numbers that certify this new environmental ‘pole position’: 127,4gr of CO2/km. [...]

siemens car

The Values Evolution: Electric Cars And Car Sharing Parks, S...

Author: Hitechpedia Guru   |   
Date: 14.10.2010

Today, 14th of October 2010, at almost four years since we are proud EU citizens, the financial crisis in Romania is a bit more oppressing than in other places. The strikes are a bit more striking than before. The public workers are a bit more irritated than during the last summer. The protests are a [...]

smart ebike

The New Smart eBike Has A Range Of 90 Kilometers

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Date: 01.10.2010

There are few weeks since I’ve found that every evening I can exercise in Herastrau park, while using the local bike-sharing program. You leave your ID card, you sign that you return the bike in good condition and you pedal up your new adventure on two wheels. No matter how big is the park and [...]

solar planter

How Can You Use The Solar Energy For A Cleaner Air Home Or I...

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Date: 09.08.2010

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Bucharest ranked 24th out of the 30 cities included in the European Green City Index regarding the air quality and the CO2 emissions. It’s remarkable that more and more inhabitants enjoy riding their bikes in weekends and the city hall built specific downtown areas for many sports activities and [...]

piata unirii

Unirii Square, Live!

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Date: 21.04.2010

Wednesday, 21st of April 2010, 11.00am. Dust, traffic and Bucharest rush. Flashy billboards, urban sites, unbreathable air. This is how the Unirii Square looked like when I get off the subway. I wanted to find something to like. A shade of green. I only found a flower shop and the park in the middle of [...]

lets do it romania

Be A Volunteer! Let’s Do It, Romania!

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Date: 05.02.2010

We all feel angry whenever we despise something and we can’t stop until we spot the guilty ones. Now it’s time to get involved!   Because you enjoy going out with your family or your friends to barbeque somewhere far from home, by you don’t like to find plastic bottles and other leftovers in the [...]


Lowered Energy Consumption For A Cleaner Environment

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Date: 07.01.2010

I have a good reason to be proud of: I own a clock radio that works just as well as it did 14 years ago, when I bought it. It has been smashed, squashed, wet, chewed, yet its clock still highlights the right time, with the utmost precision. I cannot tell you why I keep [...]


Eco-Friendly Invention For The Snowy Days: The Electric Snow...

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Date: 21.12.2009

Here are two good things of the snowy days in Bucharest: the traffic is less crowded and the CO2 emissions are lower. Some drivers simply forgotten to switch it to winter tyres. Others rather choose the public transport instead of cleaning the snow out of their cars. And other drivers simply avoid to go with [...]

hopenhagen tree

The Christmas Tree in Copenhagen Is Powered By 15 Bicycles...

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Date: 03.12.2009

The greenest Christmas tree in the world is located in Denmark and it works without any plug-ins. Locate in the plaza in front of the Copenhagen City Hall, the tree bears LED decorations supplied with electricity ‘made’ by volunteers who ride on 15 medicinal bicycles positioned all around it.   Volunteers willing to participate in [...]