The World’s First Ultra-High Voltage Transformer Cooled Wi...

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Date: 25.07.2013

The large-scale electric transformers can be cooled with vegetable oil. The best example is the new ultra-high voltage transformer made by Siemens, which is the first of this kind in the whole world that links the 380-kW ultra-high voltage with the 110-kV grid in the Bruchsal-Kandelweg substation plant near Karlsruhe, in Germany.   The main [...]

Aspern Smartcity

Aspern, The First European Smart District

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Date: 19.07.2013

Soon a neighborhood located in the North-East side of Vienna will become the most intelligent neighborhood in the whole Europe. We’re talking about the Aspern neighbourhood from the Donaustadt district, a place where the Siemens engineers will build a large urban development project that will cover 240 hectares and will host a multifunctional urban district. [...]

Power Matrix

Power Matrix – The Energy Strategy Game

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Date: 14.06.2013

Have you ever thought where your home electricity comes from? Or the gas you use to cook with? Instead of scholar explanations, the Siemens experts offer you the chance to find on your own what’s happening with the power you use, way before you switch it on.   Your new adventure is called the Power [...]


Electricity Stored As Hydrogen

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Date: 27.03.2013

From now on the wind and solar-generated electricity can be stored as hydrogen. Siemens hosted a demonstration of this procedure. In the electrolyzer a proton exchange membrane (PEM) separates the electrodes on which hydrogen and oxygen.   The electrolyzer can react really fast because thise membrane is very stable in response to the pressure differences [...]

Oxford Photovoltaics

Solar Cells Sprinkled On The Office Buildings Facades

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Date: 15.02.2013

Imagine that the large glass facades of all the business centers in every city on this planet would produce electricity. At least only in the sunny days. Also imagine that each of these buildings would consume as much energy as it generates. Without any useless invoice. The extra energy can be automatically loaded into the [...]

smart grid

How The Smart Energy Grids Work

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Date: 04.02.2013

The 8,000 inhabitants of Wachtendonck (Germany) get 80% of their electricity from photovoltaic systems or other sources of renewable energy. This is not a singular case. There are many other German towns where the energy comes from renewable resources produced by the local community.   If you look at it as a whole, at a [...]

Light out in Paris

Starting with 1st of July, The French Government Switches Of...

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Date: 31.01.2013

Have you ever imagined a blackout in Paris? Starting with the 1st of July, you’ll see this with your own eyes. According to a new law announced by the country’s environmental ministry, all the stores and offices in the Hexagon will switch off the lights overnight, in an effort to fight the light pollution.   [...]


Standard Charging Stations For All The Electric Cars

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Date: 25.01.2013

No matter how silent and eco-friendly would be, the electric cars are not among the most reliable vehicles in the world. For example, most of them boast an authonomy ranging from 100 to 300 kilometers. Yet nobody guarantees you that when you go low on electricity you will find the charging station you need. Even [...]


10 Things You Didn’t Know About The E-Bikes

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Date: 21.01.2013

1. An ordinary electric bike can travel with a top speed of 32 km/h using a single set of rechargeable batteries.   2. The world’s first e-bike has been patented on the 31st of December 1895, in US. It had only one gear and the electric motor had a power of up to 100 amps [...]


The World’s First Electric Ferry Will Cruise in Norway

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Date: 10.01.2013

The Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway already can provide a clear and functional example regarding the advantages of operating a big electric powered ship, contrary to a vessel powered by engines with fossil fuels. This is possible due to the cooperation between Siemens and the engineers of this shipyard, that leaded to the construction of the [...]

hybrid train

The World’s First Hybrid Train Hits The German Railways

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Date: 02.01.2013

We’ve presented to you the hottest hybrid cars in the world and we’ve highlighted you all the advantages of the hybrid buses in the urban areas. Now, at the beginning of the New Year, we show you the world’s first hybrid train, built on the platform of the Siemens Desiro Classic VT 642.   The [...]


Renewable Energy From Tidal Currents

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Date: 12.12.2012

Currently the solar and wind energy are the most accessible forms of renewable resources, in terms of efficiency. We proudly inform you that the tidal energy is catching on, on the long run, as it proves to be an optimized green energy source capable of generating a large and constant flow of electricity.   Let’s [...]


How Does The Ultimate Emergency Evacuation Simulator Work?...

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Date: 18.10.2012

Evacuation exercises in case of emergencies are often a good opportunity for the employees of a business center to get out of the building for a prolonged chitchat. Yet in real calamity situations, evacuating a very large group of people from a collapsing building proves to be a really difficult operation. Imagine that thousands of [...]


The World’s Fastest Electric Sportscar Is With 177 HP More...

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Date: 05.10.2012

Which version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS is more powerful than an SLS AMG supercar? The answer has been officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, build and shaped as the brand new SLS Electric Drive. The world’s fastest electric car has four synchronous electric motors, each attached to every single wheel and, of course, four-wheel [...]


Around the world in a Citroen C-Zero

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Date: 27.09.2012

25.000 kilometers, 17 countries, 8 months and a Citroen C-Zero. These are the ingredients used by the French adventurers Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy in order to travel around the world in a compact electric car. The two heroes of this expedition started their adventure from Strasbourg, France, on 11th of February 2012, aiming to [...]