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Aspern Smartcity

Aspern, The First European Smart District

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Date: 19.07.2013

Soon a neighborhood located in the North-East side of Vienna will become the most intelligent neighborhood in the whole Europe. We’re talking about the Aspern neighbourhood from the Donaustadt district, a place where the Siemens engineers will build a large urban development project that will cover 240 hectares and will host a multifunctional urban district. [...]

TOP 10 tari care se bazeaza pe energia solara

TOP 10 Countries That Rely On The Solar Energy

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 17.06.2013

1. Germany The solar power plants installations increased by 7.6 gigawatts in 2012 in Germany, reaching a total capacity of 32.3 gigawatts, says ecofriend.com. The German authorities aim to generate all the country’s electricity only from renewable resources by 2050. Now they highlight the lowest electricity fees in the world and the best economical facilities [...]

baterii low-cost

Soon – Low Cost Battery Factories

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Date: 22.01.2013

Since the early beginnings of Hitechpedia.ro we talk about innovation. We talk about renewable energy, wind farms and photovoltaic panels. We talk about electric cars. About buses and trams upgraded with top technologies that transform the braking energy into electricity. Yet, all this renewable energy needs to be stored in suitable batteries. Larger batteries, with [...]

hybrid train

The World’s First Hybrid Train Hits The German Railways

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Date: 02.01.2013

We’ve presented to you the hottest hybrid cars in the world and we’ve highlighted you all the advantages of the hybrid buses in the urban areas. Now, at the beginning of the New Year, we show you the world’s first hybrid train, built on the platform of the Siemens Desiro Classic VT 642.   The [...]


Renewable Energy From Tidal Currents

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Date: 12.12.2012

Currently the solar and wind energy are the most accessible forms of renewable resources, in terms of efficiency. We proudly inform you that the tidal energy is catching on, on the long run, as it proves to be an optimized green energy source capable of generating a large and constant flow of electricity.   Let’s [...]


(Română) Mulaje extreme pentru centralele eoliene offshore...

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Date: 21.06.2012

(Română) VIDEO Cum functioneaza prima turbina eoliana port...

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Date: 17.02.2012