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Power Matrix

Power Matrix – The Energy Strategy Game

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 14.06.2013

Have you ever thought where your home electricity comes from? Or the gas you use to cook with? Instead of scholar explanations, the Siemens experts offer you the chance to find on your own what’s happening with the power you use, way before you switch it on.   Your new adventure is called the Power [...]


Fast Delivery Clean Energy In California

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Date: 21.02.2013

Can you imagine a large power plant facility that can feed up to 200 megawatts of electric power to the national grid, after just 30 minutes since it has been put into function? It happens in Lodi, California and it is actually one of the cleanest fossil fuel power plants in the US.   The [...]


Intel Core i7 Processors For The Simatic Industrial Computer...

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Date: 28.01.2013

In order to efficiently operate an industrial platform, along with a highly professional personnel, you need top performance industrial computers able to work at high parameters, in any conditions. Welcome back to the world of the industrial computers, where only the robustness and reliability make the difference between a performing wind power plant and one [...]