10 lucruri_tramvaie

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Trams

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Date: 29.01.2013

1. The world’s first regular electric tram service using trolley poles has been developed by Siemens & Halske AG in May 1881. It went into service in Lichterfelde, a suburb of Berlin.   2. The trams can travel easier through heavy traffic than any other public transport vehicles.   3. The world’s first low floor [...]

aerated showerhead

Oxijet cuts down half of the water you use in your shower ca...

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Date: 24.01.2013

If you have ever felt sorry regarding the quantity of water you use whenever you shower, yet in the same time you’re not willing to install a low-flow showerhead, we have some good news for you. A company from New Zealand is about to launch the first aerated shower nozzle.   We’re talking about the [...]


How To Farm Salmon By Using Renewable Energy

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Date: 17.12.2012

Here in Romania, the tastiest bird is the pig. There, in UK, the tastiest meat is the salmon. A fish so demanded by the British restaurants and supermarkets that the salmon populations have been decimated during the last years.   Yet for the brits with exclusive tastes, there is still a hope. Is called the [...]

Snow Cooling

Renewable Energy From Snow On The Sapporo Airport

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Date: 14.12.2012

Cars stuck on the highway, heavy downtown traffic, slippery sidewalks. Christmas, sledging, snowmen, mountains, ski, snowboarding, snow fight. Here are only a few of the things that comes to my mind whenever I think about the snow.   No matter how unprepared the authorities are regarding the heavy snowing in Romania, during the last days, [...]

Casa eco din Banat

Banat House Included In The TOP 10 World Best Cobs

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Date: 27.11.2012

Clay, sand, water and straw. These are the materials that have been used by the Romanian architect Ileana Mavrodin in order to build this house as part of the ‘Green House’ project, located in the western part of Romania, nearby the Sasca Romana village (Caras-Severin county).   According to, the website that mention the [...]

Abhörtechnik für Radsätze macht Züge sicherer

RailBAM Translates The ‘Voice’ Of The Train Wheelsets

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Date: 06.11.2012

The rail workers in Romania are checking the damages of the train wheelsets by smashing them with a hammer. In UK the rail workers are checking the wheels by actually listening them. With the help of the RailBAM system, Siemens developed an acoustic monitoring solution that detects the damages of train wheels way before they [...]


(Română) Vezi cum poate fi protejat mediul inconjurator pr...

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Date: 22.05.2012

Why Portugal Has The Smallest CO2 Emissions From The Car Tra...

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Date: 30.03.2011

While surfing the web I found that Portugal is the country with the smallest CO2 emissions in Europe, from the new cars imported in 2010. This information was published by in a study made by JATO Dynamics and has a solid back-up of numbers that certify this new environmental ‘pole position’: 127,4gr of CO2/km. [...]


Environmentally Multifunctional

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Date: 24.11.2010

The object you see above is a lunch box. Well, a bit more exclusive than an ordinary lunchbox and smarter than an ordinary kitchen food processor. At least this is what Edita Barabas, a little known industrial designer wanted to accomplish.   The object you see above is multifunctional. It keeps your food hot for [...]

green school

Cambridge Univesity Supports The Green School Projects In As...

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Date: 04.10.2010

If Romania is still a country where school education is made by hard to accept old fashion standards, the opening towards European Union and, generally, the West, provides superior educational alternatives and, of course, noticeably decent learning resources. For the children that come from wealthy Romanian families, these alternatives translate to direct admission at internationally [...]

vito e-cell

The World’s First Pollution Tax Free Van

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Date: 03.08.2010

This morning I read in the paper that soon the diesel fees can reach 6.6 lei per liter. You can easily figure it out why: the rising fees for the oil barrels, the financial crysis, the economic instability, the 24% VAT and many more causes that inflates the diesel price, obviously against de will of [...]

lets do it romania

Be A Volunteer! Let’s Do It, Romania!

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Date: 05.02.2010

We all feel angry whenever we despise something and we can’t stop until we spot the guilty ones. Now it’s time to get involved!   Because you enjoy going out with your family or your friends to barbeque somewhere far from home, by you don’t like to find plastic bottles and other leftovers in the [...]


The Cheapest Green Notebook in Romania Costs Only 1,900 Lei...

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Date: 05.02.2010

Top tech inside of a notebook requires lots of resources. Yet Sony solved this problem by launching a reliable and powerful portabile device for your daily charts, e-mails, powerpoint presentations and prolonged Internet surfing routine. Yet, apart from the competitors, it’s a green laptop.   Small, discreet, accessible and eco-friendly, the new Sony Vaio W [...]