The First Railway Modernized Without Train Delays

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 08.07.2013   |   

How can a rail route be modernized without train delays? The Siemens specialists found a really efficient solution: the new signal systems are flown to the installation site and installed by helicopter. It happens on the railway between Hanover and Uelzen, in Germany.


The first tranche of the total 90 railway signals has been flown by helicopter and installed in just two days. The construction operations are timed in order to coincide with the gaps between the trains so that no railway traffic is restricted.


Each signalling system is 6 meters high, weights around 750 kg and has eco-friendly LED technology.


Starting with this august along the route there will be installed five remote interlocking and a new electronic interlocking secondary control center and by 2017 they will have gradually replaced the relay-based systems previously in service. When all the operations will be ended, all the switches and signalling systems on this railway segment will be electronically controlled from a control center in Hanover.


Signale per Hubschrauber installiert / Signals installed by helicopter

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