The Newest Siemens Industrial Touchscreen Can Be Operated With Five Fingers Simultaneously

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 12.08.2013   |   

Soon it will be more simple for you to work in a plant, no matter what you have to do there. Siemens launched a 19 inch touchscreen specially made for the operations in the industrial facilities. The Siemens Simatic IFP1900 MT recognizes up to five fingers simultaneously by using a projected capacitive touch technology. It means that you can activate it without having to apply pressure to the display, you can move quickly and intuitively move through the menu and zoom image content with a simple gesture.


This robust tablet made by Siemens can be directly attached to machines or processing systems without worrying about the shocks, strong vibrations or electrical disruptions. By working on this touchscreen, the industrial users can even access control computers from a distance of up to 30 meters.


There are some strong points on the fiability that really deserve your attention, either. This new industrial touchscreen works flawlessly at temperatures ranging from 5 to 50 degrees Celsius and the content can be clearly seen from angles of up to 1700 degrees regardless of incident light. You can even access it while wearing thin gloves.


The Siemens specialists preseted the tablet so that it won’t react at unintentional commands, such as if the heel of someone’s hand touches the surface by chance. The electrically conducting metal splinters or water drops don’t generate signals either. The secret stands in this device’s software which analyzes in real time how many sensor points are activated by a touch, and only responds if the pattern is like a fingertip.


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