The World’s First Ultra-High Voltage Transformer Cooled With Vegetable Oil

Author: Hitechpedia   |   
Date: 25.07.2013   |   

The large-scale electric transformers can be cooled with vegetable oil. The best example is the new ultra-high voltage transformer made by Siemens, which is the first of this kind in the whole world that links the 380-kW ultra-high voltage with the 110-kV grid in the Bruchsal-Kandelweg substation plant near Karlsruhe, in Germany.


The main reason why the vegetable oil has been chosen in order to cool this huge transformer is that it has a much higher heating point than the mineral or silicone oils and it’s biodegradable. Therefore, the vegetable oil transformer can be operated without additional protective equipment and in areas with very strict environmental requirements.


In other worlds, the rapeseed, soy or sunflower oils are ideal for this new eco-friendly transformer that contains 100 tons of insulating oil and weights just under 340 tons. Moreover, the safety standards of this 420-kV ultra-high voltage transformer are so high that it can be installed and operated even in the densely populated residential areas.


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