TOP 10 tari care se bazeaza pe energia solara

TOP 10 Countries That Rely On The Solar Energy

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Date: 17.06.2013   |   

1. Germany

The solar power plants installations increased by 7.6 gigawatts in 2012 in Germany, reaching a total capacity of 32.3 gigawatts, says The German authorities aim to generate all the country’s electricity only from renewable resources by 2050. Now they highlight the lowest electricity fees in the world and the best economical facilities in order to reach this objective.

2. Italy

By the end of 2012, 5.5% of the electricity used by the Italians has been generated from solar resources. This growth is of 72%. Moreover, the Italian Government simplified the administrative procedures necessary for the green energy production, so that it surpassed the the wind farms capacity.

3. Japan

The country of the rising sun has real chances to entirely replace its energy resources with renewable ones. After the 2011 nuclear disaster at Fukushima, the Japanese Government created really attractive facilities for the green energy sector, considering the high level of consumer interest.

4. USA

The US citizens benefit of a total country capacity of 8,237 megawatts of pure solar energy. It’s not a worldwide reference, yet the Solar Energy Generating Systems in California is the world’s largest solar park, while the photovoltaic energy demand is higher, year after year.

5. Spain

This is the country with the sunnies days, in the whole Europe. It has some of the most advanced photovoltaic technologies in the world and it exports 80% of its current production to Germany.

6. China

This state is the world’s largest energy consumer. For this year, the Chinese Authorities are planning to double their solar energy capacity to 20 gigawatts. During the last years, China has been the world’s largest photovoltaic devices supplier.

7. France

Last year, in France has been recorded a solar energy production growth of 66.7%. The dominant niche on this market consists of the building-integrated photovoltaic systems. Currently, not all the photovoltaic installations in the country have been connected to the national grid.

8. Czech Republic

This country recently surpassed the 2 gigawatts mark, regarding the photovoltaic energy capacity. Along with the simplified administrative regulations in this area, the Czech Republic has real chances to become one of the leading renewable energy suppliers in Europe.

9. Belgium

14 of the Belgium households are currently powered with solar energy. Belgium has a total photovoltaic capacity of 2,600 megawatts.

10. Australia

It has a photovoltaic energy capacity of more than 2 gigawatts, with a dramatic growth due to the current energy regulations.



M-am bucurat mult sa vad titlul articolului, credeam ca gasesc informatii interesante.. Dar.. afara-i vopsit gardu si-nauntru-i leopardu! Informatie foarte puntina si slaba calitativ, superficiala, prea putin concret. Apoi lucruri jenante : la SUA ati uitat sa traduceti; la China : “Pentru acest an, autoritatile chineze si-au propus dublarea capacitatii energetice de anul trecut, cu 10 gigawati”, pai ori si-o dubleaza si nu spuneti de la cat la cat, ori si-o maresc CU 10 MW asa cum ati scris, dar iar nu stim de la cat la cat; la Belgia “In prezent, Belgia are o capacitate fotovoltaica de 2.600 de megawati pe an. “, nu exista unitatea de masura megawati pe an si nu e capacitate ca e putere si daca e megawati nu e pe an ci e instantaneu, ca doar e putere, puterea inmultita cu timpul da energia si obtineti MWh, despre care se poate spune ca se produc atatia Mwh intr-un an… si nu e corect megawati, Watt e la singular si Watts la plural si se scrie cu litera mare ca vine de la nume propriu…. imi pare rau de voi. Daca v-a prins cat de cat rusinea, raspundeti-mi, chiar daca ma injurati, nu ma supar, am vrut sa va dau o mana de ajutor, vreau sa vad daca am cui…


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